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Lactoscan SCC Compact

Somatic Cell Counter

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  1. High-end direct fluorescent, low magnification microscope with fast autofocus and cell counting software
  2. Fast, accurate, reliable somatic cells analysis of cow, sheep, goat, buffalo and human milk.
  3. Possibility of reference analysis
  4. Detects subclinical and clinical mastitis
  5. Lowest cost per test of Somatic Cell Counts
  6. Easy readable results within 20 to 60 seconds
  7. Takes a maximum of 60 images by computer controlled X:Y movements and then processes these by the image analysis software
  8. Stores unlimited number of record in the database
  9. Results are color coded
  10. Automatic software update and remote service
  11. Portable and compact design
  12. 10'' fully functional touchscreen tablet
  13. Embedded printer
  14. Wireless keyboard and mouse
  15. Use of 4 channels disposable LACTOCHIPS
  16. Low power consumption
  17. One year full warranty

Deviation range:


Number of cell/mL


100 000


400 000 3%
600 000


* Coefficient of Variation

Ambient air temperature: 10°C –40°C
Milk temperature: 1°C – 40°C
Relative humidity: 30% – 80%

AC Power Supply voltage: 220V/110V
DC Power Supply voltage: 12V, 5 A
Power Consumption: 60W max

Dimensions (W x D x H): 390x300x260 mm
Weight < 7.300 kg

Plastic cover box

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